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About The Transfer Test Website


My name is Peggy and I have been a Primary School Teacher for ten years.

I have always taught Primary Six and been responsible for preparing pupils for the 11+ (as it was) and the Common Entrance Assessment.

Since the 11+ was done away with and the AQE Common Entrance Assessment (CEA) and the PPTC GL Assessment have taken its place, parents are more confused than ever. I have had many Parent-Teacher Consultations with worried and confused parents all asking the same questions. In fact, during Parent-Teacher consultations, I was answering the same questions thirty-odd times! I wished there was a bank of information for the parents to access, and this is when I decided to create this website.

I like to think of the site as a one-stop shop for all information and support materials necessary to prepare your child for the tests, especially at this uncertain time.

We are an independent company and are not affiliated with the AQE or the PPTC.