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AQE & GL Registration

2021/22 Registration

The two tests are run by 2 separate bodies and therefore each has its own registration process.
Registering for one test does NOT register your child for the other one as well.

Registration for the AQE's Common Entrance Assessment (CEA)

AQE registration form

AQE Registration can be completed online on the AQE's website registration page.
This page includes information, guidance documentation and the alternative option of downloading a paper form to complete by hand instead.

AQE registration help

You should contact the AQE with any queries regarding registration which are not covered in the guidance documentation.

2021-22 Registration closing date

AQE registration closes at 5pm on Friday 24th September 2021

2021-22 Late Registration

Any parent who has missed the deadline and wishes to apply for a late entry registration can do so using the portal on the AQE's Late Entry Applications page on their website.
AQE may consider late applications for registration but only if AQE Limited is satisfied that there are good reasons for a late submission of an application. The late registration fee is £90, or £60 if a candidate is entitled to Free School Meals.

Registration for the PPTC's Entrance Assessment (GL)

GL registration form

The PPTC's Registration Pack is available to download and print from the PPTC website. There is no online registration form.
The Registration Pack includes the registration form, guidance notes and FAQs. The registration form should be completed and returned to the grammar school which you nominate as Assessment Centre 1 on the form. You should contact the school to ask how they would prefer you to submit the form.

GL registration help

As the PPTC does not have a central office, email or telephone number, your point of contact will be the Assessment Officer at the GL grammar school (PPTC Assessment Centre) which you will nominate as Assessment Centre 1 on the Registration form. They will be able to assist you with anything related to registration not covered in the registration pack. You should be able to get a contact email address or telephone number from the school's website.

2021-22 Registration closing date

GL registration closes at 2pm on Friday 24th September 2021

2021-22 Late Registration

Any parent who has missed the deadline should contact their local GL grammar schools (PPTC Assessment Centres) to inquire if they will accept a late registration and can make the necessary arrangements. Parents may be asked to provide appropriate documentary evidence in support of an acceptable reason for late registration. If they are full to capacity or are not accepting late registrations you could ask if they know of any other local Assessment Centres which might be accepting late registrations. You should be able to get a contact email address and/or telephone number from their school website. PPTC Assessment Centres