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Information & Help with the Northern Ireland Transfer Test

Key Dates

The Northern Ireland Transfer Test Key Dates

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Key Dates 2019/20

Below are the AQE (CEA) & the PPTC (GL Assessment) dates for the 2019/20 cycle.

Registration Opens

Wednesday 1st May 2019: AQE (CEA) registration opens
Monday 13th May 2019: PPTC (GL Assessment) registration opens

Registration Closes

Friday 6th September 2019: AQE (CEA) registration closes
(The AQE are accepting 'late entry' registrations throughout September & October 2019 - Please visit the AQE website for details)
Friday 20th September 2019: PPTC (GL Assessment) registration closes (2pm)

Assessment Dates

Saturday 9th Nov 2019: AQE (CEA) 1st Paper
Saturday 16th Nov 2019: GL Assessment
Saturday 23rd Nov 2019: AQE (CEA) 2nd Paper
Saturday 30th Nov 2019: AQE (CEA) 3rd Paper
Saturday 7th Dec 2019: GL Supplementary Entrance Assessment

Other Dates

Monday 25th November 2019: PPTC (GL Assessment) deadline for receipt of requests to take the Supplementary Entrance Assessment (2pm)
Friday 13th December 2019: PPTC (GL Assessment) deadline for registering claims for Special Circumstances (2pm)


Saturday 25th Jan 2020: AQE (CEA) results arrive at children’s homes
Saturday 25th Jan 2020: PPTC (GL Assessment) results arrive at children’s homes


Monday 10th Feb 2020: AQE (CEA) re-mark request form submission deadline.
Friday 7th Feb 2020: PPTC (GL Assessment) re-mark requests deadline (2pm).

Applying to post-primary schools

Feb/Mar 2020: Primary principals will hold meetings with parents and complete Transfer Forms for post-primary education. Transfer Forms will be sent to the Education Authority.

School Allocation

May 2020 - Parents are informed by the Education Authority which school that their child has been allocated to.

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