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Bishops call for end to transfer tests

Bishops call for end to transfer tests

Yesterday the Catholic Bishops of Northern Ireland attended a conference at St Genevieve's High School in Belfast to present their recommendations on the future of Catholic grammar schools.

The Bishops called on the Northern Ireland Assembly to urgently agree on a "better system of transfer" to post-primary schools.

In their statement, the Catholic bishops said: "We support the desire of all parents for schools that will help their children achieve academic excellence.

"We are committed to ensuring that every Catholic school has this as a fundamental aim. Moving away from academic selection improves the opportunity to achieve this."

"The current system of academic selection at age 11 has contributed to what is in fact a mediocre performance of the school system in Northern Ireland by international standards," the statement added.

They want Catholic grammar schools to operate a policy of admitting no more than 75% of pupils on the basis of academic selection by September 2014.

The Northern Ireland Commission for Catholic Education (NICCE) will commission an independent evaluation of the impact and progress of the changes proposed by the Catholic Bishops.

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