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Transfer tests cancelled due to Covid-19 surge

Transfer tests cancelled due to Covid-19 surge

Both the AQE & the PPTC (GL) transfer tests have been cancelled due to covid-19.

Initially both tests were moved from November 2020 to January 2021, however due to a surge in covid-19 the rescheduled AQE & GL tests were both cancelled on the 5th January.

While the PPTC confirmed there would be no GL assessment the AQE announced plans to hold a single paper assessment on the 27th February 2021. However these plans were abandoned on the 13th February when the AQE also confirmed there would be no assessments due to the uncertainty surrounding the easing of the coronavirus restrictions and the safety of children and staff.

AQE Statement

    “It is with regret that due to the uncertainties surrounding the easing of coronavirus restrictions, it will no longer be possible for AQE Limited to provide candidates with the opportunity to sit any papers during this academic year. We understand that this news will cause uncertainty and distress to many people but AQE limited was unable to get clarity as to the timescale and scope of the easing of the current restrictions. We apologise for the uncertainty caused in recent days and reaffirm that the safety of candidates and staff remains AQE Limited’s first priority. We offer all P7 pupils best wishes as they consider their choices for post-primary transfer.”

PPTC Statement

    PPTC will not provide an Entrance Assessment for 2020-21
    PPTC was informed on the evening of Monday 4th January 2021 by sources close to the N.I. Executive that the announcement made that evening of an extended period of remote learning for school pupils in N.Ireland would be clarified through an imminent decision by the Executive that schools would close at least until the February mid-term break.
    A decision made by the N.I. Executive to close schools until the February 2021 mid-term break triggers one of the “What if” scenarios which was conveyed, in early December 2020, to parents of pupils who are registered to sit the PPTC Entrance Assessment.
    “If no pupils are able to sit the Entrance Assessment on 30th January 2021 because of Covid restrictions, and these restrictions would not have ended before 6th February 2021 then PPTC will be unable to provide an assessment for any pupils. The responsibility falls on PPTC schools to ensure that their admissions criteria cover this contingency.”
    PPTC accept that this decision may be disappointing to many children who would have welcomed the opportunity to take the assessment. We wish all children well in their future pathways.