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Transfer tests postponed until January 2021

Transfer tests postponed until January 2021

Both the AQE & the PPTC have agreed to hold this year's transfer tests in January 2021 the BBC has reported.
Although all of the new dates have yet to be confirmed the suggested date for the first test is Saturday 9 January, the High Court heard.

The proposed two month postponement follows disruption to schoolwork due to Covid-19.
The exams, which normally take place in November, were initially postponed by two weeks. However lawyers representing two pupils due to sit the tests challenged that decision in the High Court.
They contended the decision to delay the tests by a matter of weeks amid so much disruption to children's education was unlawful.

The High Court heard Education Minister Peter Weir had offered the two test providers a preference of dates.
AQE preferred moving the exams to January. A lawyer for PPTC told the court they believed it was best to keep all tests together.
Lord Chief Justice Sir Declan Morgan welcomed the "positive" development.

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