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The AQE have today announced the dates for the 2021 assessments.

Saturday 20th Nov 2021: AQE (CEA) 1st Paper.
Saturday 27th Nov 2021: AQE (CEA) 2nd Paper.
Saturday 4th Dec 2021: AQE (CEA) 3rd Paper.

Dates for registration and further information on the assessments will be provided early next week.

PPTC's 2021 Entrance Assessment to go ahead

The PPTC have announced today that their Entrance Assessment (GL) will be held on Saturday 13th November 2021.

Christian Brothers Grammar in Omagh along with Mount Lourdes Grammar and St Michael's College in Enniskillen have become the latest to abandon the use of transfer tests results to select pupils for 2022 the BBC has reported.

The three Catholic schools who would normally use results from the GL Assessment test said it was due to the impact of the pandemic.

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5 Catholic grammar schools in the Newry/Kilkeel area have announced that they will not be using GL Assessment results to select pupils for 2022 the BBC has reported.

In a joint letter, the schools said the move was due to "the impact of school closure on the current P6 pupils"

Two Catholic grammar schools in Londonderry have become the latest to abandon academic selection for 2022. the BBC has reported.

Thornhill College and St Columb's follow St Mary's Christian Brothers and Lagan College, both in Belfast, in scrapping the tests for a year.