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Lagan College, Belfast

Lagan College, Belfast will not use will not use any form of academic selection as part of the P7 transfer process in 2022 the BBC has reported.

Lagan College is the second school in NI to abandon academic selection for 2022 admissions. In previous years the school had used academic selection to admit 35% of Year 8 pupils.

St Mary's Christian Brothers Grammar School, Belfast

St Mary's Christian Brothers Grammar School, Belfast will not use the PPTC's Entrance Assessment (GL) results to select pupils for 2022 the BBC has reported.

St Mary's has become the first grammar school to decide not to use transfer tests for a second year.

The PPTC have asked schools who use their test to consider "radical change" to the GL tests in the autumn BBC News NI has reported.

A discussion paper from PPTC has asked schools to consider whether to use verbal reasoning tests to decide which pupils to admit in 2022.
Due to the pandemic disruption, they are being suggested as an option instead of tests in English and Maths.
But it will be up to individual schools and the PPTC steering group to decide.

Both the AQE & the PPTC (GL) transfer tests have been cancelled due to covid-19.

Initially both tests were moved from November 2020 to January 2021, however due to a surge in covid-19 the rescheduled AQE & GL tests were both cancelled on the 5th January.

Both the AQE & the PPTC have agreed to hold this year's transfer tests in January 2021 the BBC has reported.
Although all of the new dates have yet to be confirmed the suggested date for the first test is Saturday 9 January, the High Court heard.