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The AQE have announced changes to assessment dates on their website

The assessment dates will now be;
Paper 1: Saturday 21st November 2020
Paper 2: Saturday 28th November 2020
Paper 3: Saturday 12th December 2020

Other confirmed dates;
Registration opens: Thursday 14th May 2020
Registration closes: Friday 25th September 2020.
Results Saturday 30th January 2021.

The PPTC have just announced the 2020 dates regarding the GL on their website

Registration was due to open on Wednesday 29th April but has now been delayed until Thursday 14th May the AQE have announced.

The AQE also announced that "Due to the circumstances caused by the continuing disruption of lockdown, AQE is moving completely to an online application process this year. It is hoped that the process will simplify the application procedure and will enable parents to upload electronic photographs, scanned birth certificates and pay online."

The AQE have updated their website with details regarding 2020's registration which has been moved to an online process this year due to the circumstances caused by the coronavirus lockdown.

There is more information, including guidance notes, on the AQE's 2020 Registration page

The online registration form will become available on the day registration opens. Registration is due to open on Wednesday 29th April 2020 although the date of registration opening may be delayed slightly.

AQE 2020/21 Key Dates

The AQE have announced their assessment dates for 2020 as well as the dates registration opens and closes.
Below are the dates that are confirmed so far.

Assessment Dates
Saturday 7th Nov 2020: AQE (CEA) 1st Paper.
Saturday 21st Nov 2020: AQE (CEA) 2nd Paper.
Saturday 28th Nov 2020: AQE (CEA) 3rd Paper.

Registration Dates
Wednesday 29th April 2020: Registration Opens
Friday 11th September 2020: Registration Closes