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The Education Minister Peter Weir has said it would be difficult to facilitate children sitting the transfer tests in their own primary schools the BBC has reported.

Peter Weir's comments were in reply to a parent who wrote to the minister asking him to intervene so primary seven pupils to sit the tests in the school they attend. Children taking the tests currently sit them in grammar schools or further education colleges.

The 2019 Transfer Test results intake stats for Northern Ireland Grammar Schools accepting either the AQE or the GL Assessment have been published in today's Belfast Telegraph.

Northern Ireland Transfer Test News

The PPTC's 'Special Circumstances Pack' for the GL is now available to download from the PPTC's website
Links to download the pack are also listed on our PPTC (GL Assessment) information page.

Special Circumstances Packs are also available from PPTC Assessment Centres.

The deadline to register a claim for Special Circumstances is 2:00pm on Friday 13th December 2019

John Mulholland, the chair of the AQE has said the PPTC backed proposals for a single test are "not fit for purpose" BBC News NI has reported.

Mr Mulholland has strongly attacked the plans in a letter to school principals and governors and raised concerns about the quality of the proposed common test and how it would be run and paid for.

PPTC GL Assessment

Registration forms are now available for parents to register their child for the PPTC's 2019 GL Assessment.

Registration Packs are available from PPTC Assessment Centres or their websites, the PPTC website, or links are on our PPTC (GL Assessment) page.

Registration closes at 2pm on Friday the 20th of September 2019.