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Information & Help with the Northern Ireland Transfer Test

Northern Ireland Transfer Test News

Northern Ireland Transfer Test News

More than 7,000 children have sat the first of this year's unofficial transfer tests which took place on Saturday the 9th of November.

The AQE says the number registering to do the tests has risen, but it is not possible to say if that means more children overall are choosing to go through academic selection, because there is an overlap of children doing both sets of tests (The AQE Common Entrance Assessment & the PPTC GL Assessment).

The GL Assessment, used mostly by Catholic schools, will take place on Saturday the 16th of November.

Northern Ireland Transfer Test News

Application forms are now available for parents to register their child for the PPTC GL Assessment.

You can download the Registration Pack from the PPTC website, from an PPTC Assessment Centre, from a PPTC Grammar School website or links are on our PPTC / GL page.

The closing date for applications is the 27th of September 2013

Northern Ireland Transfer Test News

Application forms are now available for parents to register their child for the AQE Common Entrance Assessment (CEA).

You can download the Registration Form from the AQE website, from an AQE Grammar School or from the AQE Office. Some Primary Schools may also be able to give you a form. Photocopies/black & white printed forms are perfectly acceptable.

The closing date for applications is the 13th of September 2013

Free Transfer Test Practice Booklets in Belfast Telegraph

Every day from Monday 18th to Friday 22nd March 2013 there's a free practice questions booklet with the Belfast Telegraph.

Each booklet contains a set of both AQE (CEA) and GL (multiple choice) type questions.
There are working out pages for your child and handy hints and tips.

Collect your five free Transfer Test books only in the Belfast Telegraph from Monday.

Northern Ireland Transfer Test Results 2013

Results day has finally arrived. Good luck to all the children & parents eagerly waiting for the postman to arrive.
We hope you get the grade/score you need for your preferred school.

Remember to visit our School Intake Information page for all the highest and lowest scores or grades that each grammar school accepted for the previous 3 years. This can help guide you with your School choices.

2013 AQE Assessment dates announced

The AQE Assessment dates for the 2013/14 cycle have been announced. They are,

Assessment 1: Saturday 9th November 2013
Assessment 2: Saturday 23rd November 2013
Assessment 3: Saturday 30th November 2013

For more information & dates for the AQE 2013/14 cycle visit our AQE page

Northern Ireland Transfer Test News

The Ulster Unionists have called on the Education Minister to implement a single agreed test for a period of two years, the Belfast Telegraph has reported.

Northern Ireland Transfer Test News

An all-time high of 13,865 primary school pupils are set to take either the transfer tests in Northern Ireland over the coming weeks.
That means around 64% of all Year 7 pupils will be sitting the Common Entrance Assessment (CEA) and the GL Assessment tests over the coming weeks.

The unregulated tests, now in their fourth year, are used by Northern Ireland’s 68 grammar schools to admit around 9,000 Year 8 pupils.

Yesterday the Catholic Bishops of Northern Ireland attended a conference at St Genevieve's High School in Belfast to present their recommendations on the future of Catholic grammar schools.

The Bishops called on the Northern Ireland Assembly to urgently agree on a "better system of transfer" to post-primary schools.

In their statement, the Catholic bishops said: "We support the desire of all parents for schools that will help their children achieve academic excellence.