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Information & Help with the Northern Ireland Transfer Test


Schools not using academic selection for 2021/22

The following schools have announced that they will not be using AQE and/or GL Assessment results to select pupils for 2022 admissions.

  • Abbey Christian Brothers' Grammar School, Newry (GL)
  • Christian Brothers Grammar School, Omagh (GL)
  • Lagan College, Belfast (AQE & GL)
  • Mount Lourdes Grammar, Enniskillen (GL)
  • Our Lady's Grammar School, Newry (GL)
  • Sacred Heart Grammar School, Newry (GL)
  • St. Colman's College, Newry (GL)
  • St. Columb's College, Derry (GL)
  • St. Louis Grammar School, Kilkeel (GL)
  • St. Mary's Christian Brothers Grammar School, Belfast (GL)
  • St. Michael's College, Enniskillen (GL)
  • Thornhill College, Derry (GL)

Each school will have their own admissions criteria for 2022.

Northern Ireland Grammar Schools using AQE and/or GL Assessment

Below is a list of all Northern Ireland Grammar Schools that accept Transfer Test results as part of their admission criteria*.

Any child entering P7 in September and wanting to attend any of the grammar schools listed below should sit the AQE's Common Entrance Assessment (CEA) and/or the PPTC's GL Assessment.
Most Schools only accept either the AQE or the GL, however some schools give the choice of both. In this case your child could sit either test or both.

*Some schools select some of their intake using non-academic selection. Also some schools may have specific admission requirements so please visit their website for additional information.

Click any school listed below to view the school's historical intake stats, including their lowest accepted scores/grades dating back to 2010.