Schools' Entrance Assessment Group (SEAG) | The Transfer Test
Schools' Entrance Assessment Group (SEAG)

Schools' Entrance Assessment Group (SEAG)


It was announced on the 7th October 2021 that 56 grammar schools have signed up to join the Schools' Entrance Assessment Group (SEAG). The company will be formed up in October 2021 to set a single common post-primary transfer test.

New Single Transfer Test to start in 2023

  • The SEAG's common single test will replace the current system of two separate tests run by the AQE & the PPTC.
  • The new single test is planned to go ahead in November 2023.

Grammar Schools

  • The announcement did not specify which specific schools have joined.
  • 25 of the schools used AQE tests.
  • 27 of the schools used PPTC tests.
  • 4 of the schools used both tests.
  • Eighteen of the schools are located in the greater Belfast area.
  • The other 38 schools are spread right across Northern Ireland.
  • A few grammar schools have not yet decided to join the SEAG. It is unclear how these few schools will run transfer tests after 2022.

The Assessment

  • The assessment will consist of two tests.
  • Each test will comprise English and mathematics items.
  • The tests will be on separate dates - probably two weeks apart.
  • There will be a mixture of multiple choice and free response questions.
  • Irish-language versions of the transfer test will also be provided.
  • It will cost £20 per pupil, or it will be free for pupils who can claim Free School Meals.