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AQE Complete Bundle (Printed)

All of our existing Practice Papers for sale below follow the 2020 specifications and not the new 2021 specifications.

Our revised 2021 versions coming this summer (July/August) will follow the new 2021-22 specifications.
We will not be changing the Revision Booklets as you can easily skip any maths topics not in the 2021 tests.

Below are links to the guides for teachers & parents provided by the AQE & PPTC (GL) which describes the differences in the 2021-22 assessments and anything that won't be on the papers.
2021-22 AQE English
2021-22 AQE Maths
2021-22 PPTC (GL) English & Maths

If you would like us to contact you when the new 2021 versions of our Practice Papers are available to buy please let us know by sending us a message via our contact form and we will email you as soon as they available to purchase from our website shop.

AQE Common Entrance Assessment (CEA) Practice Test Papers & Revision Booklets Bundle
Price: £45.00

AQE Complete Bundle (Printed)

This Bundle includes printed copies of all of our AQE Practice Papers & our Revision Booklets for one lower price.

Printed Version: 1 printed copy of each paper & booklet will be posted to your home.
Free Postage to all UK & Ireland addresses.

The AQE Complete Bundle Includes,

  • 18 AQE (CEA) Practice Test Papers
  • 5 Revision Booklets

Answers are supplied with all the Practice Papers & Revision Booklets.

AQE (CEA) Practice Test Papers

All our AQE (CEA) practice test papers are set out in a similar layout to the AQE's Common Entrance Assessment.

The Papers cover 3 levels of difficulty,
Papers 1-6: Easy
Papers 7-12: Medium
Papers 13-18: Hard

Using the practice papers ensures that your child has the opportunity to become familiar with the format of the exam and the types of questions they may encounter.

Revision Booklets

These Revision Booklets are designed to cover all Maths and English topics in a gradual way, with introductions to each topic and follow-up questions to ensure learning has taken place.

Using the Booklets, your child can be fully prepared when attempting the Practice Test Papers. You can also use it as reference material, to revise any areas that your child may be finding difficult or unfamiliar.

Booklet 1

Contents: 44 pages of questions & answers
Subjects Covered:
Place Value, Sequences, x 10 x100, Function Machines, Missing Boxes, Use these calculations, Tick the correct answer, Word Problems
Grammar: Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives, Adverbs

Booklet 2

Contents: 45 pages of questions & answers
Subjects Covered:
Algebra, Patterns, Money, Special Numbers, Fractions, Percentages, Fractions Decimals Percentages, Length,
Comprehension: Fiction, Poem
Grammar: Parts of speech, Past / present tense

Booklet 3

Contents: 49 pages of questions & answers
Subjects Covered:
Weight, Capacity, Temperature, Time, Perimeter, Area, Area of a Triangle, Shape, True or False
Comprehension: Non-fiction, Fiction
Grammar: Alphabetical order, Plurals

Booklet 4

Contents: 48 pages of questions & answers
Subjects Covered:
2D Shape, 3D Shape, 3D Shape: True or False, Nets, Volume, Angles, Angles of Triangles and Quadrilaterals, Coordinates
Comprehension: Poem, Non-fiction
Grammar: Apostrophes, Homonyms

Booklet 5

Contents: 45 pages of questions & answers
Subjects Covered:
Averages, Bar Chart, Line Graph, Pie Chart, Venn Diagram, Frequency Table, Decision Tree, Probability
Comprehension: Fiction, Poem
Grammar: Opposites, Similes

As well as the subjects listed above, each Booklet also includes 4x Maths Speed tests. One for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

For individual use only.
You may not lend, share or duplicate our products for distributing to anyone else.